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Maria scarlettmb at ix.netcom.com
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I just want to put in my 2 cents worth here.

I am not necesserily  in favor of changing the name.  I was simply following
the chain of the emails and translating into French.  I don't see any reason
that we should change the name, however if the populace should vote to do
so, I would back the decision no matter what my personal views are.  I think
that the reason that some want to change the name is valid.  The name has
always been associated with a Canton.  However, I think the Shire of Gates
Edge is just as fine a name as is the Canton of Gates Edge.  If the name
were to change the logical thing to do would be to translate it into another
language so that the arms, ect. would ot necesserily have to be changed.

My point.  Several people said last night that they were neutral about
changing the name.  I am one of those people.  I don't think its a bad or
good idea.  It's simply an idea.  Let it run it's course.  The populace will
be voting on the idea and as I said, I will support the populace in whatever
way the vote goes.  Think about how you feel about the name.  This is our
home.  It's been my home since 1998.  I have made many friends here.  The
group won't change just cause the name does.  The question is do we really
want to change our identity.  This is a question that each of us needs to
think about and make a decision on.  Then we will all be able to vote in a
democratic way.

Just my 2 cent's worth.

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> For what it is worth... I see no reason to change our name from Gate's
>   I have always thought of it having more meaning that just a location and
> there is a lot of history attributed to that name.  Then there are the
> practical reasons: we already have a device,banners,etc.that represent a
> of hard work and time spent that would have to be remade with the new name
> or device.
> For three years I have watched this group work hard for much deserved
> recognition.  We have fought hard to make sure people knew who we were and
> what we were capable of as a group.  I would hate to see this group that
> made this journey to be come a shire,only be remeber as having ignited
> another fire and then being left to burn out in the shadow of the new
>   Let this ember, which has grown for over ten years to be the light in
> Stargate's North skies fade low, I say nay! Instead let this light blaze
> and bright and stand proud with its mighty neighbors of Stargate and
> Fort, and let Ansteorra beam from shore to shore for her light grows with
> the light of what will be the Shire of Gate's Edge.
> In Service,
> Lady Caelainn o'Comhraidhe
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