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doug bell magnus77840 at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 9 20:18:20 PDT 2002

The name is 11 years old and it would be helpful if I could see the original
docs.  Without that I strongly
suspect Gate's Edge isn't registerable as a branch
name today.  So I don't see any grandfather usage
that would allow you to register a translation
of a now unregisterable name.  You haven't been able
to use translations of the group name in personal names
for a long time.  I have seen Gatesend
and Edge as places but my experience is that Gate's
Edge would now be returned for not following period
practices for place-names.  In short, the edge of a
gate isn't a place where humans would have been able
to live.

A modern dictionary translation of the name is useless.
It doesn't tell you if the language elements are period
and it doesn't show if place-names were formed like this in that language.
This is why branch names usually get
returned 3 or 4 times.  If you don't demonstrate both
of these steps, back it goes.  Researching such names
is a rather long and involved process.

Don't feel bad.  Most of the older branches in Asteorra
have names that can't be registered today.  Stargate, Namron, and Elfsea
certainly aren't registerable any more.

Send me the original research when you find it and
maybe there will be something in there that might show.

Wish I could be more optomistic about this one.
Magnus von Lubeck

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