[Gatesedge] Help with Translations

D. Vandever hlannes at ev1.net
Tue Jul 9 20:57:14 PDT 2002

Caitlin wrote:
> My Spanish is a bit rusty, but I think it would be Borde de Reja.  The
> masculine/feminine endings I'm sure need adjusting.
> And the German might be Der Rand von die Gatter.  Again adjusting the
> masculine/feminine endings.
> You gave no indications of whether the nouns were masculine, feminine or
> neuter.  Unlike English, most of the languages of the world assign gender
> their nouns.

I know that most languages do assign gender.  However, what I was looking at
did not say...or I couldn't figure out what I was looking at which is
equally possible....what the "gender" of the word was.  That is why I am
hoping that some of the folks who are more linguistically enhanced than
myself might be able to have some input....such as you did...thanks.

On the Heralds list, they are having a good time pointing out some of the
very same things and also pointing out that modern word construction and
grammer may not help us as period words and their construction may (and
often does) widely differ from modern practice.  However, it is a place to

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