[Gatesedge] Potential name change.

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To my dear Friend in Exile (tongue in cheek)

Well and fairly spoken.  Your words should still carry weight for as a
Guardian, you were chosen not just for your service but for the recognition
that it was plain that your heart would be forever here no matter where your
fate took your physical body.

I feel much as you do.  I, too, feel that our history and our spirit speak
loudly to not abandon the success of the past due to the heady future we

However, as in my missive to Talmon, it is my *job* to try to find those
answers to the heraldic questions my populace may raise whether or not I
truely feel it is a valid reason or not.  You have held this position in the
past and you are well aware that the College of Arms often will and does
register names and arms which they are reluctant to do so (Remember the
Toyoto principal).

Therefore, I am beginning my research into what I can find...and not leaving
it until I can't do as good a job (school starts in August).

As for reasons, the main reason I have heard is that the name Gate's Edge
was a great name when we were a canton and under the "wing" so to speak of
our sponsoring barony but as an independant shire, the name Gate's Edge ties
us too closely to a group we will no longer be responsible to.

I, like you, feel that those ties belong there and should remain as the name
is part of a long and hard fought and often up-hill battle to get to this
very point....that our name is known as a group that "plays well and shares
with others" not just in our little corner of the world but that we "smell
good" in the noses of the Kingdom also.  Given our rather "smelly"
beginning, that says a lot.

Perhaps it is old crudmudgeons like ourselves who remember the "smelly"
times all too well who are out of date.  We shall see.  This group has
always reached a consensis among ourselves with enough time and talk.  We
shall reach a conscensis again.  (somebody help me spell that word!).

Annes Clotilde von Bamburg
AoA, Sodality of the Sentinels of the Stargate, Sable Crane, Sable Thistle,
Guardian of the Gate, Star of Merit, Sable Comet

Dear God,  Help me to be the person
my dog thinks I am.  Amen
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> Gentle Lady, and all my friends of Gate's Edge,
> Sitting in my study here in the Outlands I wonder why there is a
> perceived need to change the name of our soon-to-be Shire.  The
> transition from Canton to Shire is indeed a big step, but it is a
> natural step which builds upon the history, traditions and hard work put
> in by members both past and current.
> In my seven or so years with y'all we fostered an attitude - Gate's Edge
> was a special island within The Stargate.  Politics didn't touch us
> (well, too much ;->) and we relied upon each other as much as we could.
>  It wasn't that we thought we were better than The Stargate, or indeed
> anyone else.  We just knew that we were stronger as a group if we pushed
> up our sleeves and did it ourselves.
> And over the years we have accomplished phenomenal things...
>  Midsummer's Faire has been a camping event with over 250 attendees.
>  We've had peerages given at that event.  Your populace is more than the
> number of paid members in my current Barony (And yes, I'm working on
> So, if the reason why some of you wish to change the name so we can
> "separate ourselves" from The Stargate, rest assured that we already
> have.  That independent spirit is already part of our good reputation,
> and the World knows what we are capable of.
> I urge you, if my words still hold any weight in my old haunt, that each
> of you and the shire will be better served if you were to concentrate
> less on minor or non issues and work to improve yourselves, your group
> and your Kingdom.
> I do apologize if the above comment seems harsh.  Perhaps there is a
> reason why a name change makes sense that I have not heard.  But even if
> there is, isn't it more important to expand and improve on what is
> already there, than to scrap it and start over?
> Nikolaos Demetriou ho Toxotes
> Golden Ring, Sable Thistle, Guardian of the Gate
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