[Gatesedge] Potential name change.

Margarita Alvarez serinlerapp at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 10 10:35:59 PDT 2002

Greetings all!

I hadn't planned on taking my views to the list, but since so many others
have, I figured, Why not?

I have been a loyal and supportive memnber of this canton for many years,
and I cherish the experiences and memories it has allowed me.
I am very proud of our history, and am grateful that we continue to have a
Historian and long time members to help us preserve it.
However, I feel we have come a long way in recent years, and have worked
hard to develop a reputation for ourselves as a hardworking, productive, and
unique group.

I fully understand that we should not look at our progression to Shire as
getting/breaking away from Stargate, heck, that's precisely the wrong
reasoning, and is why I felt we were not ready to go to Shire status a year
ago when this type of dissention was discussed.

BUT... I do strongly feel that now is the opportune time to begin anew, make
new history and traditions. I also feel that not wanting to learn a new
name, or not wanting to go through the trouble of changing our newsletter
name as minor concerns when we are faced with an opportunity to call
ourselves by a name that truly embodies who/what we are TODAY. Yes, I have a
couple of ideas, but I'm sure there are others too, who would love to be
identified with a group name that really hits the nail on the head when it
comes to it's populace, and not just a name that linked us with a Barony
that we were a part of and are on the outskirts of.
I love Stargate as well, and will always feel a sense of loyalty there,and
will stand and serve with them as brethren in this Kingdom should, but I'd
like to see our growth and progress fully represented with a good solid and
inspired name if/when we achieve Shire status.

I know this is probably difficult for those who have been around for all or
the majority of the Canton's history, I myself am kind of a halfling (4-6
years in GE), in that I've been around to work with, play with, and get to
know most of our original members, but I also find myself surrounded by
very, very active hardworking folks who have only played for 1 to 3 years
and who sometimes feel like they have missed out sometimes because they were
not part of the "ancient history and traditions" of the Canton of Gate's
Edge. Without many of these newer folks, I really don't think we'd be where
we are today.

I guess I would just like to see us get a fresh start with our new status,
and be able to preserve our history, but also move on with new traditions.

Thanks for your time.

From: Dan Brandow <dbrandow at concentric.net>
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Subject: [Gatesedge] Potential name change.
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2002 02:19:19 -0600

Gentle Lady, and all my friends of Gate's Edge,

Sitting in my study here in the Outlands I wonder why there is a
perceived need to change the name of our soon-to-be Shire.  The
transition from Canton to Shire is indeed a big step, but it is a
natural step which builds upon the history, traditions and hard work put
in by members both past and current.

In my seven or so years with y'all we fostered an attitude - Gate's Edge
was a special island within The Stargate.  Politics didn't touch us
(well, too much ;->) and we relied upon each other as much as we could.
It wasn't that we thought we were better than The Stargate, or indeed
anyone else.  We just knew that we were stronger as a group if we pushed
up our sleeves and did it ourselves.

And over the years we have accomplished phenomenal things...
Midsummer's Faire has been a camping event with over 250 attendees.
We've had peerages given at that event.  Your populace is more than the
number of paid members in my current Barony (And yes, I'm working on that).

So, if the reason why some of you wish to change the name so we can
"separate ourselves" from The Stargate, rest assured that we already
have.  That independent spirit is already part of our good reputation,
and the World knows what we are capable of.

I urge you, if my words still hold any weight in my old haunt, that each
of you and the shire will be better served if you were to concentrate
less on minor or non issues and work to improve yourselves, your group
and your Kingdom.

I do apologize if the above comment seems harsh.  Perhaps there is a
reason why a name change makes sense that I have not heard.  But even if
there is, isn't it more important to expand and improve on what is
already there, than to scrap it and start over?

Nikolaos Demetriou ho Toxotes
Golden Ring, Sable Thistle, Guardian of the Gate

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