[Gatesedge] Potential name change.

D. Vandever hlannes at ev1.net
Wed Jul 10 20:07:48 PDT 2002

Seren wrote:
> Greetings all!
> I hadn't planned on taking my views to the list, but since so many others
> have, I figured, Why not?

Hee-Hee!  That is what this list is for, n'cest-pas?

> I feel we have come a long way in recent years, and have worked
> hard to develop a reputation for ourselves as a hardworking, productive,
> unique group.

Can't agree more.  I feel we are one of the best groups in the knowne world
and can be favorable compared to any.

> BUT... I do strongly feel that now is the opportune time to begin anew
<<<<<more snippage>>>>>

In some senses, this is a new beginning.  In others, this is just the next
logical step in a progression of growth and one that we have long looked for
the right time to do so.
In this latter sense, it is the *continuity* which takes the upper hand over
the recognition of a higher status delayed by past challenges.

<<<<<yet more snippage>>>>>
>, but I'd
> like to see our growth and progress fully represented with a good solid
> inspired name if/when we achieve Shire status.
<<<<<more snippage>>>>>

Well, good is relative; you can't get much more solid than registered with
the College and it was pretty inspired 12 years ago when we submitted it the
first time. :-)

>I also find myself surrounded by
> very, very active hardworking folks who have only played for 1 to 3 years
> and who sometimes feel like they have missed out sometimes because they
> not part of the "ancient history and traditions" of the Canton of Gate's
> Edge.

If they feel like they are left out, then this has been a failing on the
part of those who have been here the longest, and especially, I feel ,the
Guardians, not to relate our history and stories so that the more recent
members of the canton feel that this history is also theirs.  And a failing
that we didn't teach them that history is made by those who are living it.
As one of the first Guardians of the canton, I hereby apologize to any and
all who may feel as Seren has described and ask that you would approach me
by whatever means are comfortable to you be it phone, email or in person to
tell me what I could do to redress this failing.

>Without many of these newer folks, I really don't think we'd be where
> we are today.

I have to disagree with this statement.  Yes, our numbers have grown and our
circle of friends has expanded.  Yes, we have many more people joining us
and wishing to play with us now than we have in the past.

But the fact that there is someplace for all these wonderful new people to
play is due to the dogged efforts of those who refused to let go when this
canton struggled to exist at the very beginning.  Where would we be today if
Fenris and Fedelm had not held that first meeting at their home in 1990?  Or
if we listened to the whispers of "Oh, Fry-ampti-WHat??  Y'all are just a
household.  Nobody takes you seriously" back when we held our first
event/picnic at Spring Creek Park?   Where would we be today if a certain
present day herald then the second seneschal of the canton had not managed
to get her officer's to report, convinced the 8 or 9 people of the time that
we *could* hold a "real" event at the Stones, and convinced the Kingdom
Seneschal *not* to disband the group for non-reporting?  Or if during the
SCA-wide membership crisis of the mid 90's brought on by a heavy handed BOD,
the same 5 people hadn't switched offices again and again, some of them
taking 2 or even 3 offices just so that the canton would continue to exist?

Don't get me wrong.  I love each and every new person who has come into our
family.  Each are so incredibly talented and so ready and willing to help. I
just am in awe at how our family has grown and become so much stronger.

But it was the efforts of each and every one of us, from the very first
people who thought of forming a group up here to the first time newby being
introduced at populace, that got us here and will continue to make us the
incredible group I am proud to call my SCA home.  To point to any one person
or group of persons and to imply that Gate's Edge is now going to be a shire
because of their efforts is an impossible thing to state.  We are strong
because of all of us, we can't be separated into this group or that one.  If
we do, then we have failed and will fail to be the group we were meant to

With great passion and certitude,

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