[Gatesedge] Shadowlands 25th.

Young, Carolyn Carolyn.Young at goodmanmfg.com
Thu Jul 18 08:22:01 PDT 2002

Thanks.  I think I can make it.
After my family reunion the last weekend of July, (4 solid days of
togetherness) Bill just might be glad *not* to see me for one day. :)


Carolyn B. Young
Goodman Mfg.
IT - Branch
713/861.2500 ext 425

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Shadowlands 25th is on Aug 3rd.

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>I don't have a Black Star handy -- when is it?
>Carolyn B. Young
>Goodman Mfg.
>IT - Branch
>713/861.2500 ext 425
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>Subject: [Gatesedge] Shadowlands 25th.
>You know we had a few Shadowlands people at the Gate's Edge Midsummer
>Faire.	It might be nice if we showed them the same honor by having a
>few from this group at their 25th.  I'm planning to go; is there
>anyone else who might also be interested?  It's not that far away.
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