[Gatesedge] Mid-Summer Faire Planning Meeting

Pam Kendrick pkendrick at houston.rr.com
Sun Mar 3 08:06:25 PST 2002

We don't plan to even start the meeting before 3 PM, get here when you can.


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> This is to remind you that the first planning meeting for MSF XII, The
> of Constantinople, is tomorrow, Sunday March 3rd, at 3pm.

AARRGGH...and other noises of complete frustration.  Cahira has scheduled
tomorrow for volonteers to clean out the kingdom files at Asterisk!  I need
to clone myself about 3 or 4 times....either that or become less popular or
better yet learn to say NO when asked to volunteer.  Sigh.  **THAT** will be
the day that the earth comes to a rather untidy end.

How late will the meeting run?  Cahira's is down in Clear lake and begins at
1:30 pm.  If I go down early I might be able to make it back by 3 to 4 pm.
I have some ideas for the event and haven't been tapped by the Canton yet to
do much of anything (don't you love me anymore?) except probably all that
messy heraldry stuff but I want to do something even more fun...like have
the medieval wet tunic contest or something like that!  :)  Please reply
soonest and thanks for the reminder!  Until then, I remain...

In Service,

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