[Gatesedge] Looking for a job ... STILL!!!

Lady Angharad Rhonddha lady_angharad_rhonddha at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 5 01:30:31 PST 2002

Looking for allestra at aol.com - mail to this address bounced, this is her
address on the list.

Rondah aka Angharad Rhonddha

<allestra at aol.com wrote:
<This is probably not an appropriate thread for this mailing list, but <I am
interested in hearing about the types of employment you seek.  I <have a few
connections in I.T. (no promises!) and I have had good luck <referring
< If nothing else, I have the information for what I consider to be the
<recruiters in the Houston area.  Particularly, I know a recruiter in <The
<Woodlands who placed my husband and tried but failed to place me (not <his
<fault - I got a better offer downtown).

<If you are interested, please contact me at allestra at aol.com so we can
<this out of the general mailing.
<In service,
<Colleen aka Dobrova

Lady Angharad Rhonddha of Glamorgen
Sable, a closed book palewise Or
"The little stars always shine while the great sun is often eclipsed." -

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