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Stephanie Manley smanley at copykat.com
Tue Mar 5 04:16:13 PST 2002

Passing this one along.


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Subject: gulf Wars

dear Lady Katherine
if you gret three email saying the same thing, chalk it up to evi mundane
i write to ask that you send the SCAdiand my email address ant this message
as the hospitaller of the gates edge
i am a fellow scadian living in a currently un sca populated area of
louisiana 2 1/2 hs east of gates edge and i ask if anyone who is willing or
able to take me with them to gulf wars please email me at
SoldierSEK at rednecks.com
any help is appreciated and i will keep in touch with you at the canton as
i can
my gratitude
Lydia the Tattooed Lady
Diana Stafford

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