[Gatesedge] UPDATE

Willa Wyld wyldwilla at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 7 08:06:04 PST 2002

ive tried RHI before but its been a couple of years *thinks back* ok 4 years
*LOL* time flies when ya blink....maybe they could help me i have alot more
experience now...

I had just kinda blown them off, cause they blew me off, but im not to proud
to try again, thanks.

>You're 'over qualified' for the clerical positions.  They assume that just
>about the time they have you trained to their way of doing things, you'll
>find an IT position and leave.
>Have any of you tried contract work?  We used to call them temp agencies.
>RHI (Robert Half, Inc.) used to be a pretty good one.
>Good luck,
>Carolyn Young
>MIS Department
>Goodman Mfg.
>713.861.2500  ext 425

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