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I, too, have had good luck with RHI.  I used to work with a very eager
recruiter named Mike Olivares who got me some great interviews with some of
the city's top companies.  If he is still there, I would advise working with
him, but I think he may now be at the Galleria office.
A word to the wise:  They give their own skills tests there.  These are not
the canned ham tests that you will see everywhere else so make sure you know
your stuff before volunteering to show off your skills.
Good luck!


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 > I need to know how to get into contact with RHI... Cousin Beth needs to
 > find a job in the IT field... just need  the contact info for RHI...

 I have used RHI before and have been pleased with the service. They are
 a little different from most temp agencies. Anyway, you can get in touch
 with the Greenspoint office at 281-448-0077 or visit the web site at


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