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Stephen Macthomas macthomas at ev1.net
Fri Mar 8 00:57:16 PST 2002

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Greetings all:

Of the 19 posts the list has received over the past 48 hours, seven have been relevant to the list.  Being a contract worker myself, I can appreciate and respect the need to network in between jobs and contracts - to be honest, this is probably the first place I'd go to try and let my friends know I needed help looking for work.  However, being the List Administrator, I also have an obligation to ensure that list traffic is not overtaken by off-topic conversation.

I am asking that further replies to the existing employment threads please be taken off-list.  I am also asking that future employment threads please be limited to a single post stating your situation and needs and asking that those who might have leads please contact you privately.

My thanks to all for cooperating with this administrative request.

In your service,
Stephen Macthomas
Gatesedge List Administrator

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