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Tue Mar 12 12:55:06 PST 2002

HE Niklas wrote, among other things ...

>So now the $$$$ 64 Million dollar question?    Where.....?

Might I suggest Papa Tony's, a new restaurant and pub on
Kuykendahl just north of 1960.  They've been open about a week,
and the food is excellent.  They've got a pretty wide-reaching
menu, from burgers to pizza to gyros and everything in between,
they have the ability to cater to lage groups, and they have the
pub area kept separate from the restaurant, so that families can
come and not worry about children wandering off.  (It must be
noted, however, that the restaurant contains a game room that kept
the populace of Gate's Edge fairly busy for hours on Monday
night.)  And the prices are quite reasonable.

I know it's a long way for our friends and family in Raven's Fort,
so it's likely to be one of the less compromising options that's
offered.  But since they are new, and have good service from nice
folks as well as excellent food, and could definitely use the
business, I feel compelled to recommend it.

Be warned, however, that there is some discrepancy as to Papa
Tony's definition of "mild" wings.

In service and gastronomy,

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