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just a heads up,
we will have thier highness at the event :)


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> Greeting unto the mighty Archers of Ansteorra,
> I have just return from the grand Crown Tournament.
> It has been
> confirmed with their Royal Heinesses that they can
> attend Academy of the
> Bow and look forward to awarding their first
> Champion.  So get you bow
> and arrows ready and prepare to test your skill
> against your fellow
> Ansteorran Archers Saturday April 13, 2002 at Camp
> Camwood near
> Magnolia, Texas.  The medallion of the Royal
> Huntsman of Ansteorra has
> never left the Central Region.  This rein's
> tournament is being held
> down in the Costal Region to try and shake things up
> a bit.  Will
> Steppes and Elfsea continue their domination?  Or is
> their a new
> Champion out their who will give the medallion a new
> home?  Come out to
> Academy of the Bow and see for yourself!
> Academy of the Bow website:
> http://gatesedge.ansteorra.org/files/academy.htm
> On the subject of Royal Rounds:
> I was discussing archery with his Majesty this
> weekend and he expressed
> to me how much he enjoys, and looks forward to,
> shooting Royal Rounds.
> So if you are in any way involved with the hosting
> of an event that will
> allow archery, please make an effort to schedule in
> a Royal Round
> (especially a Royal Procession Event).  If your
> local group does not
> have an Archery Marshal please contact your Regional
> Archery Marshal or
> the Kingdom Archery Marshal for assistance.  This is
> also a big courtesy
> to the archery community, by allowing visiting
> archers to get in a much
> needed "away shoot" for their Kingdom Rankings.  And
> I can almost
> guarantee that if you advertise ahead of time that
> your event will have
> an Archery Royal Round with scores being submitted
> for Kingdom Ranking
> you will increase attendance.
> Official Ansteorran Archery website:
> http://archery.ansteorra.org
> In Service,
> Ld. Lughaidh Mac Sheóinín
> Royal Huntsman of Ansteorra
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