[Gatesedge] William the Invisible

D. Vandever hlannes at ev1.net
Wed Mar 27 17:19:32 PST 2002

Dear Everybody,
Well, I looked thru the mail and sure enough Cait hasn't had time to post,
so I thought I would for her.  Mr. Bill aka William the Invisible (the
Semi-Translucent) is back in the hospital.  He was admitted yesterday.  The
same foot and leg are inflamed and swollen again. The one he has lost the
big and little toes on.  The doctor feels that it "healed from the outside
in" from the amputation of the little toe and left a pocket of some type of
nastiness sealed inside.  He is going to have surgery tomorrow to try to
correct this (yet again).  Needless to say, he is a bit....er...down about
all this (he and Cait have been dealing with this for several **years**
now).  Caitlin is not too far behind but is still trying to smile.
Everybody send prayers for them to whichever deity structure floats your
boat, ok?  They both need it.  Caitlin will be unavailable for at least
Thursday, FYI.

Dear God,  Help me to be the person
my dog thinks I am.  Amen

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