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macthomas macthomas at mail.ev1.net
Fri Mar 29 14:25:45 PST 2002

Greetings unto the list from your friendly neighborhood List
Administrator!  (And wow, what a neighborhood this is!)

I am going to be out of the loop from now until Sunday afternoon
sometime, as I am decidedly away from my keyboard.  On the
flipside, however, I'm going to have some great stories and
awesome pics to show and tell come populace meetings.  Everyone
play nice with others, please, and be patient with any
administrative requests until I get back.

Everyone have a safe and happy holiday weekend!

Writing from the lobby of the Hotel Edison in the Canton of Whyt
Whey, Crown Province of Ostgardr, Kingdom of the East, I am

Stephen Macthomas
Gatesedge List Administrator

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