[Gatesedge] Demo - November 6th?

Ken R swan_knight at email.com
Thu Oct 10 14:28:19 PDT 2002

    On November 6th North Harris Montgomery College is having "Culture Day." They are setting up boothes for everyone to display their cultures. If we are interested in doing a demo for recruitmnent I can get us the prime location. There are a few bands playing that day and some restaurants are going to serve food.
    Perhaps Ravens Fort would be interested in teaming up as well. There are many students from 1960 up to Huntsville there. So it would be great for both.
     We should have access to a TV and video as well, if we can put together a video of SCA footage (Gulf Wars, arts, court, etc...). I will not have much time to participate but I can get us an excellent oppurtunity for a demo.

What do you all think?,
William de Clare

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