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Tapestry Guild will be meeting at my home Tuesday the 15th and Wednesday the 16th.  Please see the Gate's Edge Home Calendar for directions:  http://www.scabrewer.com/calendar/
Starting at 7pm, you may come earlier if you wish.  Come and have fun.

For newcomers here is the list of supplies:
1.  One roll of duct tape

2.  One roll of masking tape.  No wider than an inch.

3.  A relatively small, simple geometric design on paper, outlined.  Size suggestions... nothing     larger than 14 X 18... and no smaller than 10 X 10.  After you have a design you like.

4.  Loom.Go to an art supply store (Hobby Lobby) and get canvas stretcher bars that are about 2 inches bigger than your design.  (Example if your ACTUAL design (not the paper) measures 12 X 14 you will need two stretchers at 14 inches and two stretchers at 16 inches).  If your design is in odd numbers... round up to the nearest even number and then add two inches.

5.  One roll of Scott toilet paper

6.  Yarn.... I usually go to the clearance area for this. But you can buy at full price.  Just             remember... large yarn is hard to work with in small looms. Small yarn is needed in great         quantities in large looms (dye lots come into play).  You can change colors as often as your     budget will allow.  Different weighted and textured yarns add different affects to the picture         you are weaving.  In this first weaving I recommend clearance yarn.  You are learning basic     techniques and might not wish to keep this weaving it is up to you.

7.  Warp thread..."America's Best"  colorfast crochet thread BEDSPREAD WEIGHT.  This can be readily found at Hobby Lobby.   (There is a 1000 yards on this skein, so if you want to go in together on one and share it will be okay.)   This is the only thread that does not break when put under high tension.                                                                                                                        OR

I can use what I have on hand for a charge of $2.00 per person.

8.  One fork or hair pick

9.  Sharp scissors

10.  Yarn needles (blunt) by Boye, #13 These are large needles with large eyes suitable for  tapestry and can be purchased at Wal-Mart.

11.  Tote bag or container for carrying loom, yarn and supplies


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