[Gatesedge] A&S for TRF

Travis Starnes Tulus76 at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 16 12:38:24 PDT 2002


We are imploring all people who are going to be doing an A&S demo for their
service at the renaissance festival for 2 things. One, if anyone has
finished A&S work that they could bring and display along with their A&S
project they are working on, we would be eternally grateful.  We would like
to get as much arts and science displays as possible, to help show the wide
range of interests that can be pursued in the SCA.  Two, we are asking that
if at all possible, some artists either stay till closing or do their three
hours of service later in the afternoon.  We have had a great turnout in the
mornings, but by 3 or 4 in the afternoon we are left with one or two
artisans in the compound, and we would very much like to see it full of
artisans and displays all day long.   I know I said this at populace, but I
wanted to pass the word along the list also, to catch those who were unable
to attend.  Any assistence in these two requests would be greatly
appreciated.  Thank you.

In Service,
Marcus Tullus

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