[Gatesedge] October Homemakers' Guild

Kelly Rhodes corsair at concentric.net
Mon Oct 21 22:51:41 PDT 2002

This month we'll be doing a little experiment with Homemakers' Guild. We'll
be having it at Texas Renaissance Festival during the GE weekend--Sunday,
10/27, from 3pm to (roughly) 6pm in the compound. Bring along a portable
handcraft of some kind...spinning, weaving, something you can work on (and
talk about, to any interested patrons). Our goal is to remain in persona
during this time. Please come prepared to be in persona, and chat about how
things are in your home/manor/monastery/castle/hovel, etc. How is the
harvest going? How is your garden? What craft have you been busy with
lately? Any interesting gossip about your friends/neighbors/serfs/servants?
Do tell!

To attend, you should plan on being part of the SCA TRF demo. This means you
will need to come through 'troll' to get your day pass just like all the
other participants in our demo. In exchange for your pass you promise three
hours of service at the demo, and this guild meeting activity will be a part
of the A&S demo in the compound. So come play with us, work on your craft,
bring out your persona, and help the SCA demonstrate what we do--all at one

We hope to see you! If you need more information, please contact me or Lady
corsair at concentric.net

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