[Gatesedge] weather and officer's

Young, Carolyn Carolyn.Young at goodmanmfg.com
Mon Oct 28 16:12:53 PST 2002

To the officers and populace of Gate's Edge,

If the roads from where you are to Eadric's and Cynthia's are flooded or you
do not feel safe driving in this weather, please stay home, stay dry and
stay safe.

Otherwise, I have not heard of any flooding around Pinehurst(sp?) so unless
Eadric informs us differently, Officers' meeting is still on.

Caitlin (the only slightly damp)

Carolyn B. Young
Goodman Mfg.
IT - Branch
713/861.2500 ext 425

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is officer's still on with the roads as they are?

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