[Gatesedge] Fw: Practice in Stonebridge Keep (Knight Marshal address)

lisabetta/kimberly lisabetta at ansteorra.net
Mon Oct 28 21:18:53 PST 2002

> > Greetings to one and all,
> > I am William Killian Knight Marshal of Stonebridge Keep (Victoria,
> > Texas). I am writing to you, the Seneschal's of you respective groups to
> > ask that you pass some info to your respective Knight Marshals about a
> > big (non-event) practice in Stonebridge Keep. This will be either a day
> > trip event or a weekender. What I would like to do is get a condenses of
> > the Knight Marshals to help with the date and if this would be a
> > feasible for your groups. There will be no gate fee. This would be
> > considered a practice only. We could work out camping depending on
> > response.
> > Stonebridge Keep is pretty well in the middle of most of your groups and
> > we have a wonderful place for this practice. Most of you can day trip.
> > Please pass along my e-mail address's with the main address as
> > archersign at viptx.net and the second as killian at viptx.net. My phone #'s
> > are 361-578-0504 ( this phone is my business and the most likely to
> > reach me before 10 pm.) and 361-645-3303 pm.
> > I would like to hear feedback from all of you as well.
> > Thank you for your time,
> >
> > William
> >
> >

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