[Gatesedge] OT: Magnolia High-Speed Access?

Kristi Allen rk31399 at houston.rr.com
Tue Jun 24 19:16:35 PDT 2003

Hi, Kelly. My husband and I recently moved to Magnolia (near Bear Branch
Junior High.) We are using Roadrunner, but I do not know if it is available
in all neighborhoods.

Kristi Allen

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> Sorry for the off-topicness...
> I know we have a fair amount of computer mavens around here. To anyone in
> the Magnolia area who has high speed Internet access--can you please
> recommend a provider? I can't seem to find anyone who offers it where I
> by golly, and I'm about to put together a new 'puter that hopefully will
> outpace this contraption made of spit and baling wire.
> Thanks,
> Evelun
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