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Please contact me know if you see any errors.  Also,
this file is available in Word format for those that
request it.  Hard copies will be available at the July

Thank you,
Natalia Auvert

Meeting Minutes for June Populace

New Comers
Tania, Justin and Joe.  

Old Business

Midsummer Faire
Planning meeting 2 weeks ago at Site (St. Simon and
Jude Catholic Church).
Date of Event is August 2nd.
Late Period Italian Theme.
If you are interested in teaching, let Robin know. 
She has a multitude of classes available.
Annis is teaching Heraldry 101.
Dolphin is teaching Marshalling.
There will be an all day tavern.
Masked ball in the evening.
Gate will not be taking money since the even has no
site fee, but waivers will still need to be signed.
A&S theme-Mundaneity covers (those not-quite period
items used to cover blatantly period items)
Rapier- Carluccio 
Dance-Sir. William of Weir
Childrens’-Lillian (Cinnamon)
Masked Ball-Miranda
Childrens’ will be most of the day
	Children’s keeper prize was discussed. Ideas included
		Baldrics (maybe even with patches)
		Small banners
	Gisele will be teaching a class for older youth-about
the 12-17 age range.

Cour d’Amour
Planning meeting was held 6/8.  Next Meeting next
month (TBA)
Add completed this week.
	August-1pg (free)
	September-2pg (free)
	October-2pg (donated by Autocrat and Spouse)
All positions filled.
There will be a lot of help needed with setup due to
the site size.
The champions selected at the event will be
	Heavy Fighting
	Bardic-2or 3 pieces planned in at least two
disciplines.  Award for best documentation.  Will be
giving out a first-time award named the “Croaky
	Thrown Weapons
Date was approved-Oct 17-19 2003
Feast-Dolphin, English Faire
Ladies Gallery-Giselle, needs love issues and
outspoken genteel ladies.

Guardian of the Gate
Service award given out once a year
Populace suggestion (some nice things for them to have
	SCA member
	Active in canton >3years
	Held office in Canton
	Autocrat Canton event
	Feastocrat Canton Event
Taught classes to Canton
	Headed a canton guild
	Attended Canton Meetings
Not all are required, but are nice to see in someone
who holds the canton service award.


2004 calendar:

June 25-27 Bids due by Sept. 2003 Populace
October 8-10 Bids due by January 2004 Populace

Shire Status-Still need to know status.
Warrant up in September.  
Give application to Snorri (up-line)
Give courtesy copies to B&B, Gate’s Edge Seneschal,
Stargate Seneschal, and Annes. 
Want Replacement by August Populace meeting.
Class available at Kingdom Heraldic and Scribal.

Guild Requests for funds
No deadline for requests.  Items requested on time and
with detail will help prepair a budget for next year.

Tapestry Weaving
Next Tuesday and Wednesday

By appointment

Last Sunday of the month

Fighter practice
3 suited up fighters were in attendance.

Demo (Ravensfort)
There were 4 areas of exhibition
Everyone seemed very interested
Was fun!
Dancing went on.
Location so enjoyed it that they will be asking for
demos for the other 12 locations.

Water-bearing official position
Populace vote on creating one:  1 oppose, 22 for

Current water-bearing inventory (at Eadric’s and
Mathias’): 4 coolers and 1 ice chest.

Walkie Talkie
Speak to see if there is a need for Canton
Walkie-Talkies for events.
Answer-not until our events are much larger.  Keep on
a volunteer basis for now.

>$5000 in bank 
Donation given by Cindy and Eadric and matched by HP

Next week will be working on invitations for
Will be asking for book donations for the Canton.	

Online or paper?-Tabled until next month.
	Hardcopy is currently sent to up-lines and nobles.
	Ideas: Online and Hardcopy transition time
		Broad pages for meetings

Still working on web page.
Interest items suggestions included pictures, articles
and archives.
Canton Photographs were in historian’s box, but there
are no photo albums yet.

Storage Unit
Volunteers for team include:
Caitlin (Spring Cypress/249)

Quote to be found for next populace meeting are 1 year
contracts for non-air-conditioned 10’X10’ (and
comparable sizes.)

Hosted by Stargate
July 11-13
For Ulsted and Cateau
In Conroe->off I45 north of Conroe proper at
Montgomery County Fairgrounds
Information in Blackstar.
Have arrangements for decorations and hat lunch.  Need

Boy Scout camp
This week at 249 north of 2920
Spring Creek Park
Need Heralds, marshals, combatants, ladies.
Time 5:20-6:15

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