[Gatesedge] Cour d'Amour Gift Baskets

Alia Lael alialael at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 1 11:14:35 PDT 2003


I know this is a holiday for most people and most probably won't read this 
until Tuesday which is fine.
However, it is now September and I really need all who have offered items 
for the gift baskets to get in touch with me, so I can arrange to pick up or 
meet you and collect the items for the baskets.  I can't determine the size 
of the baskets until all the items are in one place and divided up.  If 
there are any additional gifts needed we need to get together and talk and 
see what arrangments can be made.  Since I don't have money for any of this, 
all help is appreciated and wonderfully accepted.. many thanks...
Thanks to those who are working hard on repairing or creating new banners 
for this years new champions

Still looking for:

masculine items

odd feast gear (plate, eating utensils)


can never have enough candles, soap, salves, creams

you can reach me at work or home

(w) 281-821-9561
(h) 281-537-5420

In service
Alia MacDhaibhidh
Gift Cooridnator for Cour d'Amour
Tapestry Guild Principle

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