[Gatesedge] FW: cell phone use

Jennifer Toland niffer at artesiannet.com
Tue Sep 2 18:57:37 PDT 2003

Well Maria according to Texas Department of Public Safety's press release, your driving class instructor was incorrect. 
Quote taken from the link below: 
"NOTE: An erroneous email has been circulating the Internet, claiming that HB 281, which outlawed talking on a cell phone while driving-or without using a hands-free device-had passed and will take effect September 1. The bill did not pass and will not take effect." 
Lady Caelainn 
-----Original Message from Scarlett <Scarlettmb at ix.netcom.com>----- 
umm hate to tell you guys, but that's totally wrong. The bill was passed 
with the Seat Belt Law and states that all cell phones must have a headset 
for use while in conversation. I learned it in Defensive Driving 
recently. Yeah I got a ticket but for speeding not the cell phone. 

P.S. I switched my email account over to Oddpost, and now I don't get any spam. In a way I kind of miss that crazy smut.

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