[Gatesedge] Shire announcement

Fluffy10@aol.com Fluffy10 at aol.com
Tue Sep 9 07:08:37 PDT 2003


I have had a wonderful e-mail for HL Clarissa. 

Her Majesty will be at the event this weekend Day at the Coliseum for court 
in the evening.  We can have our change in status announced then.

I have replied to HL Clarissa, that most of us will be there either helping 
with the doings at A Day at the Coliseum, or with Academy of the Rapier.  We 
can be announced as a Shire well before Yule in December. 

If there is any problem with this please, let me know before 9a.m. tomorrow 
so that I can tell her otherwise.  If everyone is as excited and happy about 
this as I am, then please, be there to see all of your hard work and patience 
come to fruition!

Yours in service,

Lady Aylwin

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