[Gatesedge] Shire announcement

lisabetta lisabetta at houston.rr.com
Tue Sep 9 09:12:27 PDT 2003

Hehe a GE event that Stargate is paying for.. kind of neat :) 
and at the same time announce we will be a Shire. Kind of cool 
seriously tho, this is very awesome 


At Tuesday, 09 September 2003, you wrote:

>Wonderful news, I think it is a great time to announce it.  Since 
a Gates
>Edge people are Event Steward, Site Steward, AoB Steward, Feast 
>Gate Steward. etc. (did I miss something)  It's almost like it's 
our event
>See You All there.
>H.L. Eadric Anstapa
>eadric at scabrewer.com
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>> Greetings!!!
>> I have had a wonderful e-mail for HL Clarissa.
>> Her Majesty will be at the event this weekend Day at the Coliseum for
>> in the evening.  We can have our change in status announced then.
>> I have replied to HL Clarissa, that most of us will be there either
>> with the doings at A Day at the Coliseum, or with Academy of the 
>> can be announced as a Shire well before Yule in December.
>> If there is any problem with this please, let me know before 9a.m.
>> so that I can tell her otherwise.  If everyone is as excited and 
>> this as I am, then please, be there to see all of your hard work and
>> come to fruition!
>> Yours in service,
>> Lady Aylwin
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