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To the Populace of Gate's Edge,

Once again, the meeting minutes are available in
Microsoft Word format if you request them.  Please let
me know if you see any errors or misquotes.  Thank you
so much for making this run so smoothly.  I couldn't
do it without you!

In Service,
Lady Natalia Auvert

Meeting Minutes September 8, 2003

-Lace book won by Christopher

Word Fame
-Caitlin’s husband is home.

Newcomers (go make them welcome the next time you see

Event Date Policy
-One of two things will happen in the next few
months-calendar dates for cantons and shires will be
reduced to one a year or the next crown will override.
-Think about which event Gate’s Edge should keep on
calendar if we go to one calendar event a year.
-If implemented there is a good possibility of seeing
more combined events (2 groups, a kingdom and a local)
-Money distribution for Kingdom and local combination
is a % taken from the attendance over the normal local
event attendance.
-How will we handle champions if this happens-think
about it.

Storage Unit (all things people said are
paraphrased-if you want to change what I paraphrased
that you said, please contact me.-thank you)
-Hugh-not too much inventory without a trailer and
tables. Could use 5X5
-Aylwin-A-1 5X5 would be 453 per year.
-Place in tomball will do $40 down and $49 per month
for a 10X10
-Brian-Send people to look at Annes storage shed to
determine if it is appropriate for our needs.
-Eadric-Should we get storage shed?  $500-$600 a year
is not feasible with event income and office overhead
to consider.
Aylwin-Consolidation of inventory location important.
Wallick-Should we buy a trailer and store goods in
there?  May last 15-20 years.
Eadric-would be about $1500 (three years of storage
cost.)  Becomes inventory.
Cindy-Can be depreciated.
Walick- Trailer can’t hold everything, but it can hold
most things, and other things can reside in
chatelaine’s home.
Homeowner’s insurance would cover trailer and goods in

8 in favor of looking into buying a trailer as another
storage option.
2 opposed.
Mattias-Why?-if person who has trailer has a
catastrophic event (ex) dies, would be hard to recover
Eadric-can have a layer write us a land lease.
Mattias-If that was the case, it would be ok.
Price team created to look into trailers-Eadric, Hugh
and Wallick.
Shelves can be put into trailer for storage increase.
Eadric and Iaen are in charge of setting up a day to
go work on Annes’ shed.

Cour d’Amor
Ladies being perused for “Queens of love”-Katri and
Pippa (have French and English personas.
Annes is taking the nastycrate position for Hugh.
Invitations- if you have them, turn them in please.
Silent Auction-Hugh in charge, please donate.  If is
for Ansteorra 25th, have one staff donated by Wallick.
Archery at event
-will be a skins game.
-prize associated with each round.
-if someone wins a round they get that prize.
-if there is a tie, the prize goes to the next round.
-Will also have a gift certificate “overall” prize for
Bardic-Croaky throat
Quest-may answer a question or complete a challenge to
move from round to round.

There is a scribal meeting planned for crown-please
attend if you can.
The second scribal guild of this month is canceled, so
that we can all go weave with Alia!
Please see Annes to sigh up for gate at Day at the
Collucium, Cour d’Amor, and Defender.
New Water-bearing Steward-Evelun (and there was much
rejoicing ;)
Middle Eastern Guild will start Tomorrow (Tuesday) at
7pm at the church we use for populace in room 403. 
And then it will continue to meet every 2nd and 4th
Tuesday at the same time and location.
Aylwin spoke to kingdom scenashal, and as far as her
office is concerned, Gate’s Edge is Shire material. 
Now it gets passed to the crown and approved by the
Jonathan Gregory was adopted by Ulsted and Cateau
(11lbs and 21 inches)...and there was much rejoicing. 
Eadric should be posting pictures soon.
Hospitaler’s applications are closed as of populace
Fighter Practice-none the next two weeks due to
events-go participate in the fighting at those!
Reeve-December is when the budget will be finalized by
the financial committee-please get your requests in
Archery-no practice at Eadric’ in September.  Go and
shoot at Stargate’s Event.  October-
No archery-go shoot at our event!
A&S-Scribal guild had 12 at their last meeting.
Don’t forget the master scroll competition and its
deadline of Stargate Yule-the kingdom needs beautiful
Kingdom Rapier is going to have some spectacular
classes and sparring-please attend!

Do we want a 3 or 5 person financial committee? 
Answer-populace vote before budget approved.

Do we want to Keep populace and Officers on one night?
Why opposed?
Annes-need for more frequent updates.
Aylwin-maybe special meetings?
Talmon-  together-it's too long.  Too much information
to absorb in one sitting.
Allistasia-Agrees with Talmon.
Carluttio-Too long, there needs to be more than one a
Eadric-Too early in the month when we meet for repots.
2 times a month gives twice as many opportunities for
Annes-Agrees with Eadric. Easier money trail.  Days of
the week used have moved before for officer ease.
Wallick-Many things would be fixed if the meeting were
more on track.
Annes-Bad idea to speed up, may not get all the
information from populace before officer vote.
Officer and Deputy Vote-3 against 6 in favor of
changing it to officer’s and business meetings on
different days.
Location options-Wednesday is good day, but the church
we use for populace is unavailable.  All officers
should seek out options.
Evelun-prefers it not to be at a person’s home.  It is
imposing on a host and prefers a public building that
is “neutral territory”.
Eadric- doesn’t care if it’s at someone’s home, but
prefers no restaurants. 
Annes-will this be implemented September or October?
Aylwin-we’ve had the business meeting for September-it
will be implemented in October.
Find a site-will be the 4th Wednesday of the month at


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