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Pam Kendrick pkendrick at houston.rr.com
Wed Sep 10 09:14:02 PDT 2003

Great news!!
As most of you know, the Canton (Shire) was gifted with some garb,
fabric and a few patterns at populace on Monday.
I have had a chance to go thru the donations with some happy results.
There are several very well made items of clothing and some decent sized
chunks of fabric.  The gowns are lovely, lots of attention to detail,
good quality fabrics with nice embellishments.  The only caveat is that
they were made for a very short person (5 foot maybe?), they are roughly
sizes 10~12, so it looks like we can garb a slew of young girls quite
effectively.  There is enough fabric to make a couple of more realistic
sized gowns to add to our hospitalers  box, so we will need to work on
getting those things made.  The head gear is mostly a wash......
suitable for "emergency" head gear only, this is not really much of an
issue as most people don't really think about what to wear on their
heads anyway.
I expect we will address these clothes (all of which are filthy and need
a good cleaning) at the October sewing guild meeting.
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