[Gatesedge] Evian BLackthorne

David Jurgens djurgens at energygraphics.com
Fri Sep 19 07:10:53 PDT 2003


Here is some information from Alden about the details of Evian's death.

Alden wrote--

I spoke to Spider last night and he told me that Evian died of a heart
attack around 3pm yesterday afternoon.  Apparently he has had a history of
heart problems and this was his fourth of fifth attack.  I didn't know him
well, having only met him once in person, but we traded emails quite often,
and I had just gotten an email from him yesterday morning.  The last thing
he wrote in that email was "Keep up the good work."  

As far as the Thrown Weapons Marshallate goes, Spider told me that he
already contacted Sir Randall, and William Ironwyrm is listed as the ER
deputy, so things should continue to run smoothly in the interim.  Evian was
very supportive of the TW marshallate, and I'm sure he'd wish for us to
continue making it a worthy activity in the kingdom.


This is what I know as of now.



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