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Wed Aug 11 08:18:16 PDT 2004

To Gate's Edge,

My apologies for not communicating sooner but, my computer server has been
giving me trouble.  Lady Gisele has been gracious enough to be my voice in
inviting my extended family and friends in Gate's Edge to the private party
that Camelot Horse Center is hosting this coming August 21.   This is not an
SCA event but, rather a themed party that I wanted to give for all of my
friends, family, and clients.   Participation in the costume theme is
greatly appreciated but, definitely not required.   We just want to give a
little fun back to our friends.   The pool will be open so those who wish to
cool off---bring SOMETHING to swim in. ( period birthday suits are not
allowed ).   If any of our chivalric fighters, archers, or rapier fighter
would like to hold practice, mini tournaments, or show off their skills in
any way, PLEASE contact either Gisele or myself (Lady Gwenhavre) and I will
make space and help set the stage for you.   We have PLENTY of room !
Bring your own chair and whatever you wish to eat and drink.  ( YES----In
SCA terms, " THIS IS A WET SITE " but, definitely a BYOB)

 I apologize if my party is in conflict with any one else's plans but, I
will be gone to Steppe's Artisan the week before and I have a family
conflict the weekend after.  The date was set for my own convenience so I
could personally attend the party I was hosting.  I know that most of my
Equestrian friends will not be able to attend since there is a major SCA
jousting practice and beach ride going on that same weekend at Lady
Kathryn's and many more of my friends will be having a great time at Pensic.
To those who cannot come due to conflicting schedules, I will miss you
greatly and hope that you will be able to attend the next time I decide to
go crazy and host a party at the farm. 


I am personally looking forward to a day of fun and laughter with my

Lady Gwenhavre

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