[Gatesedge] Introduction

Valerie Williams digigirl1066 at lycos.com
Wed Aug 11 11:13:37 PDT 2004

Hello all!  I moved into the area in mid-March, but have only managed to make it to one populace meeting so far, so I figured I'd get on the list here and try to get to know a few people that way, instead.

My name is Ceinwen, and I moved here from Caid (California). I've been in the SCA about 15 years, but all of that was in Caid. My boyfriend is brand-spankin' new to the SCA (haven't even gotten him to his first event yet), but he's already picked a name - Dante.  We live in Cypress, with his 13 year old son Morgan. One of these days, after I get off my butt and make some clothes for Dante and Morgan, we'll make it out to an event here, but I'm hoping it will cool off first!! ;) 

My SCA interests are costuming (only so-so at it), cooking (major beginner at that) and maybe eventually getting into calligraphy (I'm so bad at practicing). Mundanely, I love to read, I love cats (especially my Scottish Fold), - well, okay, pretty much any fuzzy animal-  and I love computers and other high-tech gadgets (note the address of "digigirl"). :) 

Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting to know y'all (see? I'm practicing my Texas drawl!), and seeing how you play here in Ansteorra!  

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