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I did consider sending this reply privately, but since your complaint was
public I decided my response should be public.
If you do not have to work late on Mondays why are you not at Populace
meetings?  I don't remember the last one you attended.  And even when the
business meetings were on Mondays you did not attend many of them.  If you
find being our Equestrian Marshal such an onerous task then, by all means,
step down.  However, if you are making this statement out of hurt feelings I
would beg you to reconsider.  
We have been holding the business meetings on Wednesday for almost a year
and this is the first time you have publicly said it was a problem.  All
officers are encouraged to have a deputy.  Since Wednesdays are bad for you
can you not acquire at least a 'Meeting deputy' who can attend and report
back to you what  happened?  That would keep you in the loop and let us know
how the equestrians are doing.
Caitlin nan Cnoc Airghead

Carolyn B. Young 
Goodman Mfg. 
IT - Branch 
713/861.2500 ext 425 

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Just a reminder-----Once Gate's Edge decided to move the business meetings
from Monday night to Wednesday night you made sure that I would NEVER be
able to attend.   I have to work late on every weekday night except Mondays.
So, I will not be able to be there.   Someone else needs to take over the
Equestrian Office since it is now impossible for me to make any meetings.





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It's that time again for a reminder for our monthly business meeting
tomorrow Wed. 25 Aug 2004 at Barbara Bush Library 2nd floor.  The time is
7p.m. til 8:45 p.m.

See you then,


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