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Might I suggest setting it up fairly close to the Lady's gallery?  That way
they may see what is going on and ask questions  without disrupting the
gallery too much, especially if a minstrel or two happen to drop in. And
more people may drop by with it close to the list field.


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Well with Cour d'Amor coming up and in the capacity as the new Hospitler,
I'd like to suggest a Newcomers pavillion for the event.  I have a nice
popup that I'd be happy to use for this, but if anyone has any extra camp
chairs I'd appreciate them.  I'll also be having a table (I'll bring my own
won't need a rental) with some refreshments for the newcomers and anyone who
wants to come over and spend some time with them and perhaps give them some
information on different aspects of the society that I am less than expert
in.  All will of course be welcome at the Newcomers pavillion, and I'll
bring the loaner garb, etc so if the newcomers don't have garb, they will be
able to borrow some.  I also have some garb that's slightly too big for me
and some mens clothing (we all know why I have that) that I will be adding
to the loaner garb.  

Anyway, just wanted to get some input on the idea of having the newcomers
pavillion at the event.

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