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Valerie Williams digigirl1066 at lycos.com
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I expect Dante and I would be thrilled to sit in the newcomers pavilion with you, Maria, seeing as we are total newcomers. :) We are planning to come to this event (barring uncooperative work schedules), and would love to meet you.

We'd also love to hear about any upcoming newcomers meetings that are planned.


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> Well with Cour d'Amor coming up and in the capacity as the new Hospitler, I'd like to suggest a Newcomers pavillion for the event.  I have a nice popup that I'd be happy to use for this, but if anyone has any extra camp chairs I'd appreciate them.  I'll also be having a table (I'll bring my own won't need a rental) with some refreshments for the newcomers and anyone who wants to come over and spend some time with them and perhaps give them some information on different aspects of the society that I am less than expert in.  All will of course be welcome at the Newcomers pavillion, and I'll bring the loaner garb, etc so if the newcomers don't have garb, they will be able to borrow some.  I also have some garb that's slightly too big for me and some mens clothing (we all know why I have that) that I will be adding to the loaner garb.  
> Anyway, just wanted to get some input on the idea of having the newcomers pavillion at the event.
> Thanks.
> Maria
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