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Eric H pyske at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jan 12 19:48:28 PST 2004

Hi folks.  I met a passel of you tonight at populace, but I figured I should send a brief note of introduction as well.  I'm a newcomer to SCA, and (comparitively) not so much of a history geek, so please bear with me if I put my foot in my mouth or accidentally address someone as "sirrah" or somesuch on the first meeting.
I'm local to this area (near Klein HS actually), and I generally get along well with the SCAvians I've met through RPGs and such, so I thought I'd check out your group and see if it was something that cliqued for me.  (With apologies for the pun.)
I'll be at Thursday's Newcomer / Rapier / Heraldry meeting, so please feel free to say hello if I haven't already come up to pester you with questions about which end of the rapier goes in the other man.
 . . . . . . . -- Eric
PS -- I hear you already have a plethora of Eric's.  You're welcome to call my Huck if it's more convenient.
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