[Gatesedge] MFS Planning meeting

Natasha Storfer natashastorfer at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 18 08:06:19 PST 2004

Please forgive the multiple postings, but I am not
sure the Hou-announce posting will make it out to the
list in time.

Although it is not raining, Meyer Park is pretty much
under water according to our Knight Marshall.  So we
will meet at my place at 1pm for the planning meeting,
since it's more comfortable and less distracting than
a wet, damp seat.

Our address is:
4810 Theall
Houston, TX 77066

We live near the intersection of 1960 and Veteran's
Memorial.  If you need directions, they are posted on
the Gate's Edge website under "rapier practice", or
you can call us at (281) 580-2060.

I look forward to seeing you there!




I hope this day finds you in good health, spirits, and

The first MSF 2004 planning meeting is taking place
this Sunday at 1pm at Meyer Park.  It will be at the
location we generally use for fighter practice-near
the South entrance.  I'll bring goodies to eat and I'm
sure we'll have a great time.  If it's raining, the
location moves inside to my place so that we can stay
dry. We're about 5-7 minutes from the park.  Our
address is:

4810 Theall
Houston, TX 77066

If you need more specific instructions, feel free to
call me at (281) 580-2060.  A few coordinator
positions are available, and volunteers are always
welcome!  We have a theme of "A Midsummer's Night
Dream” and there are exciting opportunities for those
who are interested in having a bit of fun,

I look forward to seeing you there!

In service, 
Natalia Auvert
Event Steward 

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