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Snorri Hallsson snorri at houston.rr.com
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Caitlin, honey, I'm not even letting my *work* interfere with this weekend.  They can call, they can page, they can do whatever they want, but unless it's on the Jumbotron or on the side of the blimp, I am not going to pay it the least little bit of mind.

Go Panthers.

Steven, Panthers fan for 10 years, SCA member for seven ... y'all do the math.

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What!?!?   He's allowing 21st century mundanity to interfere with our real lives?   Oh, horrors!  Oh, the shame of it!!

Whatever shall we do on Sunday afternoon?!?!????

Caitlin (who never shows up at these things anyway)

Carolyn B. Young 
Goodman Mfg. 
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  Please note that there will be no chivalric fighter practice this Sunday 1Feb.  Super Bowl Sunday.


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