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I dropped a wad[1] of money at Tandy[2] last Friday on some stuff to make a fancy leather doublet (ooh la la), and met Jim while I was there.  He seems like a nice guy and has had experience dealing with SCAdians and other reenactment/roleplay groups.  One thing he mentioned was that HE would like to learn how to make gloves.  He also said that anything he learns how to make, he's happy to teach to others.  So if there is some leather craft that YOU know well, let him know.
[1] ok, it wasn't a big wad of money, cuz I was smart and went during their grand opening sale!  woohoo!  ;)
[2] The store is a bit small (by comparison) if you've been to The Leather Factory in Missouri City (also owned by Tandy Leather), but what they don't have on stock, they can order for you - unless you really want to drive down to Missouri City.

mattias at playbard.com wrote:
Jim Cook the manager of the new Tandy leather store on FM 1960 just west
of I-45 has asked me to announce his leather workers guild. He is still
working out the details but his meetings are set up for the second tuesday
nights of each month at 7:00 pm at the Tandy shop, Starting June 8th,
2004. (I believe he said there is a participants fee but I forgot exactly
how much it was.) He mentioned that the plans are to teach tooling and
boot making (similar to bald mountain type) amoung other things at the
different meetings.

Jim's contact information
921 Fm 1960 West
Suite 104-B
Houston, Texas 77090
toll free 1-866-537-2952
houston at tandyleather.com

Please pass this information on...
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