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Actually Tandy is owned by the Leather Factory.

Iaen Mor
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>I dropped a wad[1] of money at Tandy[2] last Friday on some stuff to make a 
>fancy leather doublet (ooh la la), and met Jim while I was there.  He seems 
>like a nice guy and has had experience dealing with SCAdians and other 
>reenactment/roleplay groups.  One thing he mentioned was that HE would like 
>to learn how to make gloves.  He also said that anything he learns how to 
>make, he's happy to teach to others.  So if there is some leather craft 
>that YOU know well, let him know.
>[1] ok, it wasn't a big wad of money, cuz I was smart and went during their 
>grand opening sale!  woohoo!  ;)
>[2] The store is a bit small (by comparison) if you've been to The Leather 
>Factory in Missouri City (also owned by Tandy Leather), but what they don't 
>have on stock, they can order for you - unless you really want to drive 
>down to Missouri City.
>mattias at playbard.com wrote:
>Jim Cook the manager of the new Tandy leather store on FM 1960 just west
>of I-45 has asked me to announce his leather workers guild. He is still
>working out the details but his meetings are set up for the second tuesday
>nights of each month at 7:00 pm at the Tandy shop, Starting June 8th,
>2004. (I believe he said there is a participants fee but I forgot exactly
>how much it was.) He mentioned that the plans are to teach tooling and
>boot making (similar to bald mountain type) amoung other things at the
>different meetings.
>Jim's contact information
>921 Fm 1960 West
>Suite 104-B
>Houston, Texas 77090
>toll free 1-866-537-2952
>houston at tandyleather.com
>Please pass this information on...
>In service,
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