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Annes annescvb at ev1.net
Tue Aug 9 15:31:53 PDT 2005

Greetings Fellow Shire Members!

Just a quick reminder that tonight....yes, this very night...in conjunction with Lord Eric's scribal is your opportunity to paint your own belt favor to proudly proclaim that you are one of those extremely lucky persons...that you hail from the Shire of Gatesedge!!!!

HL Cecilie was kind enough to sew 50 blank belt favors from the cloth I brought to the last populace meeting. Lord Bronngarr was lucky enough to be sitting next to me and received the 1st of these belt favors from my hand. 

It matters not if you do not feel artistically able to paint your own entire belt favor. You can help by tracing the shield shape using the templates I am bringing. You can help by painting the green chief or the white base. Others will help by painting the details. 

What matters is that we have been neglectful of the necessary regalia to proclaim our Pride in our Shire. Many years ago, Baron Talmon and his beloved Baroness Adelicia made dozens of belt favors for the members of the (then) Canton of Gatesedge. Alas! Years and attrition have devoured all but a few and our populace goes naked without being able to bear the Device of our Shire.

This is about to end! Come one! Come all! All that stands between you and a proper belt favor is yourself!!!!

Paints, favors, brushes, water, and all will be provided for you. I hope to see many smiling faces tonight at Kinsman Lutheran Church on Champions Forest Drive. Room 17. 7:30 pm. Until then, I remain...

In Service to Shire, Barony and Kingdom,
Mesterinde Annes Clotilde von Bamburg
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