[Gatesedge] Meeting Minutes 8-05 Populace

Natasha Storfer natashastorfer at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 15 17:13:41 PDT 2005

To the Popoulace of Gate's Edge,

Many thanks to all of you that showed up.  Please let
me know if you have any questions or concerns
considering the minutes.  If you prefer the minutes in
word format, please let me know.

Thank you again,
Natalia Auvert

New/ People
Joan of the Loch
Bob, simi-new
Sara-just moved back to the states from England

Word Fame
Bob-at first event (Queen’s Champion) brought armor
and fought with a few Dons
Bob-is already a paid member
Brian had Beautiful Event
Brian also received a Comet
Pixley Received his AOA
Fighter Practice has been growing under the guidance
of Tora.  If you haven’t come out to the park, you are
missing out.

Alden, Coastal Regional Herald-In Reference to
Heraldic Submissions
1.Asked for a show of hands for registered names and
2.Issue with Submissions in Ansteorra
a.Main Problem-Herald are taking submissions with
checks made out to kingdom, the checks are sat on and
it becomes an issue with the treasures (local,
regional and kingdom) and then Astric will not have
record of the submission.  It is becoming a paperwork
b.Specifically for Gate’s Edge-Difficulty with having
multiple heralds/step-ins that make paperwork hard to
track.  Alden is Currently working with Pixley and
others to resolve this.
3.Reviewed  the Heralds/Submitter’s job-Herald is
there to advise and lead submitters to sources. 
Submitters job is to find a documented name reference.
 Photocopy the source and summarize on the submission.
 It’s like writing a bibliography to a research paper.
 All info needs to be compiled.  Photocopy the page,
the cover(if possible) and the publishing information.
 With those together - summarize the photocopy
information onto the name form.  Make required number
of copies for a name submission. Staple them together,
submit those to the herald. Give check to treasurer.
Give receipt to Herald.  Herald will fill out a check
request form for kingdom. Goes to Treasurer with the
Herald’s request and form.  Treasurer will issue a
check and fill out final check request for.  Herald
will take paperwork and check and mail them.  The
submission will them be added to monthly report.  It
can then be tracked. 
4.The main problem is good natured heralds who take
too much upon themselves.
5.St. Gabriel’s Academy is a good place to find

Brian-Event Wrap-Up
All receipts that have not been turned in need to be
mailed, since Brian is leaving for Pennsic.
185 through the door
Everything went off very well.
Tavern was great.
Personal thanks to:
Eadric, everything from website to site coordinator
Annes, a smooth painless gate
Aylwin, beautiful site tokens
Don Robert, wonderful job running tournament
Modius, great list runner
Claire, yummy hospitality table in the morning
Alden, heading up heralding
Giavanna, water bearing
Julianna, youth list-went very well.

Most takedown happened Saturday.
5 merchants
The formula for this event would work for a crown.
(contingency plan of pavilion for wet weather)

If you wish to autocrat a kingdom event, please create
a bid and come forward.  Your kingdom needs you.

We are accepting applications for Reeve and

Last populace we decided to look at membership
numbers.  We are down 17 from last year and 8 members
are moving/have moved.  Take a look at your blue card
and see if you have accidentally lapsed.  It is not
required to pay to play, however, it’s nice to wave
the $3 non-member fee at events and if you want to
hold an office membership is required.

Event Date
We like October/November and wish to continue a fall
Voted on a date (October 13-15 date is pretty much the
only free weekend locally within those months)
*update-we have the date, it’s official! Our 2006
Event will be October 13-15 2006.  Please ready your

The Fall event is quickly approaching.  Please submit
those you see that deserve awards for them.  To make
this easier for this to happen, please put your
information on the online doomsday.  It is safe from
fishers.  Also, check your information to make sure it
is still accurate.  If you are recommending someone
for an award, let others know.  If they agree that the
individual is deserving, then the crown will have a
greater understanding of why that individual is

A&S-New Guild!!! Proctoring an fiber arts & sewing
guild at Chari’s place.  Time and date’s are to be
announced. (Thursday and Friday nights are
unavailable)There was a populace interest.  Annes
mentioned the times when the A&S was a 2X a week guild
that encompassed everything.  This guild will
hopefully be the beginning of a well attended and
diverse A&S night. Another goal is for the sewing
community to produce new garb for the hospitaler box.

Knight Marshal
It’s been a long time since Gulf Wars, if you do not
have your new cards, show up Tues. night at UofH. 
It’s a fast process. There will be no day
authorizations at our fall event.  Brian will be
starting to come out Sunday’s with rapier gear to
start up a Rapier part to our practice.  Because of
other duties, it will not be happening every Sunday. 
There will be weekly posts to let you know if he is
available.  The fighter practices on the first Sunday
of the month will be combined with Stargate in
Memorial Park. (in August there were 3 fighters.  2
Chiv. and one Rapier)  If enough people show up, it
will become more a melee practice. (please have your
cards first)

There are favors.  One was displayed and they are
being worked on at our Scribal Guild.  Please come out
and help in their creation. There are 50 of them.
Scribal Guild is in Rm 17 at Kinsman Lutheran Church
and the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays at 7:30pm.
(It was Annes’ first day of work and she still showed

Competition-most pieces for garb between Queen’s
Champion and Stargate Yule.  Winner will be announced
at Stargate Yule.  Please make the garb with your own
hands.  We don’t need high court garb.  We need usable
practical garb.  Thank you!

Last demo weekend for LOTR exhibit. Aug. 27th   28th
weekend.  Maria will be sending out the website for
those of us who have forgotten the details.  Please
come out and support the local region in teaching
others about what we do!

Demo coming up next year with a local Library-Queen
Elizabeth Exhibit. There is also another domo coming
up at Ihon’s church around September. 

Loraine is trying to coordinate a demo between
Shadowlands, Ravensfort and us.  Be prepared for that.

Robert of Galleway and Sabine Dubois submissions are
going on to Laurel.

Will need help painting the champion scrolls.  If you
haven’t painted them before, the maters are already in
existence with the lines that need to be painted in. 
Don’t fear!
Eric will be selecting the paper.

Archery Practice will happen as planned, as per

Are we going to have Croaky Throats at the event? 

Officers meetings will continue to be held before
populace meetings, starting at 7pm on the second
Monday of the month.

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