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> This is a concentrated version of updates I have received. In my 
> with friends in Gleann Abhann no plans have been made about King's Arrow
> Ranch. Right now our priorities lie in finding our brothers and sisters 
> making sure we can do everything possible for them. As more information
> comes available we will pass it on to you.
> Message from Mistress Christianna of Meridies:
> To try and sum up the emails of the last 12 hours or so, here are the
> conditions in southern Meridies and Gleann Abhann:
> Pensacola, FL (Shire of Arenal) Baron Ulrich and Baroness Arabella 
> power outages that came back on this morning, some minor damage (Cat. 1
> strength when it hit there). Most SCA members have reported in safely.
> Mobile, AL (Barony of Osprey) still out of power, most folks have reported
> in with tree damage but nothing major. Baron Baras and his Lady Cai report
> no storm damage to their home at all.
> Gulfport/Biloxi, MS (Barony of Seleone) many residents heard from, with 
> exception of Sir John the Pursuwer, mundanely an air traffic controller 
> was not allowed to evacuate. No word has come through on him, or on 
> Daphne, Mistress Diana and Master Sir Loric who had intended to ride the
> storm out at their homes. Mistress Taya reports typical problems of the
> area, lots of debris, lack of power, intermittent phone communications - 
> her house is intact and none of them are injured. The big concern now is
> getting an oxygen tank for her father.
> WKRG, CBS out of Mobile, got a chopper out over the area along with
> Reporters in the area of Biloxi/Gulfport. You can watch live streaming at
> http://www.wkrg.com/
> Slidell, LA (Barony of Axemore, maybe a canton but I'm not sure - Slidell 
> just north of the city across Lake Ponchatrain) Downtown is under 15 feet 
> water. Their Stellar Highnesses Radu and Bri along with baby Harry
> evacuated to his parent's house in Jackson, then moved on to SCA friend's
> house when the power went out. Bri joked that they would puddle-jump from
> friend to friend until it was safe to go home.
> New Orleans, LA (Barony of Axemore) Total devastation. Up to 20 feet of
> water and rising, also becoming toxic with sewage, runoff, salt water, 
> bodies (some fresh and some from above-ground mausoleums). Anyone that
> remains is being evacuated. I have not heard of anyone from the area
> checking in, but I'm assuming all of our folks got out. An SCA couple,
> Byron and Dawn, that live in Metarie (a suburb of N.O. to the west) got 
> safely but have been told their house is underwater. No one is being
> allowed back to the areas until at least Friday (but more likely Monday).
> However, with no power, no potable water and the areas still flooded "what
> do we have to go home to" said Byron.
> Phone lines and cellular towers are down all over the Gulf Coast making
> communications difficult. It is easier for them to call us than for us to
> call them.
> The Meridian Grand Tournament that was scheduled for this weekend at the 
> camp in southern Miss. has been cancelled. There has been no word on the
> Gulf Wars site. Radu and Bri are set to be crowned at the Gleann Abhann
> Coronation (they are becoming their own Kingdom) in October, supposedly at
> that site. Hopefully they will have a home in Gleann Abhann to live in by
> then.
> We were just commenting earlier this evening that the Trimaris Coronation
> was marred by Hurricane Elaine - I got chased around the state of Florida 
> that one myself. There is something cosmic there about leaving Meridies...
> Nothing we can do just now but wait and see - although there have been 
> good communications from the SCA Exchequer regarding SCA fundraising rules
> and the correct way to go about it. SCA-Disaster group is full of folks
> offering long-term crash space, but not much information from those in the
> affected areas yet. Lord Cian has posted contact info for the HAMM
> operators network as well as shelter locations.
> The Atlantian Stronghold of Raven's Cove, is sponsoring a Red-Cross Fund
> Raising effort for the victims of Hurricane Katrina at the upcoming Fall
> University, to be held in Raven's Cove (Jacksonville, NC).
> To this end, donations accepted at Troll for the Red Cross earmarked for
> Hurricane Katrina relief. Make checks out to American Red Cross and in the
> memo line put "Hurricane Katrina Relief". You can go to
> https://www.redcross.org/donation/formprint.html to get proof for your 
> of your donation.
> This will be a very long recovery process, and once we know that everyone 
> safe, we can go about figuring out how best to help in the long run.
> Christianna
> M-C... where did you get your info? Is this something you can share? I'm
> worried (not alone, I know) about so many folks down that way...
> I was kinda thinking it would be nice if we can make a supply run of some
> sort, once we know what folks are shortest of. It's hard for us to provide
> food and shelter from here, but once we get word back of what has been 
> and what folks may need in the way of clothing, we may be able to help.
> The Barony of Seleone is (was?) planning to host Gleann Abhann's first
> Coronation at the end of September - at King's Arrow Ranch. Seleone, for
> those who are not familiar with GA, is Gulfport/Biloxi. They bore the 
> of the storm, with the exception of Axemoor (New Orleans), and if they
> decide to try to pull this off (another site, another time, 
> they may need a hand if we can lend it.
> The hardest part about helping is enduring the wait before you can...
> Madeleine
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> Ever in Service,
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