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You can put me down for Thursday I guess.

Eadric Anstapa <eadric at scabrewer.com> wrote:Greetings All,

Below you will find a list of who has said that they will be in the GE encampment at war.  Please check your info and make sure that it is correct and get me any missing information.

I think that everyone said that they wish to participate in the meal plan.  Here is the way that works.

Everyone is responsible for their own meals at breakfast and lunch  but in the evenings we return to camp and have a group meal.  Each person is responsible for providing and preparing the meal and cleaning up on one evening only.  The other evenings you just get to sit back and enjoy the meal.

Since we have 12 people that means that we can team up and have 2 person teams each evening Monday through Saturday.  Usually we have the early on people cook early in the week, that way everyone arriving in the rush on Monday will find that the kitchen is already setup and that the folks who arrived early prepared a meal for that day.  Other people may have alternate comitments on other nights and be unable to cook, and as the week goes on certain members of staff get busier and busier so we work out the daily rotation in advance to accommodate everyones schedule.

The only dietary restrictions that I am aware of is NO MUSHROOMS.  Iaen is allergic to mushrooms.  If anyone else has restriction then speak up.  Beyond that just make sure you fix good and hearty meals and that people aren't left hungry.

Monday      = Iaen & Eadric ??
Tuesday      = JP and  Marguerite  ??
Wednesday =
Thursday     =
Friday         =
Saturday     =

I figure Brian and Dawn will team up as will Carluccio and Mea.   That leaves Patrick, Eric, Leofwine, and Donnchad  to divide into teams  and take care of the remaining two days.

Everyone speak up, stake your claim and preference.  Make sure you Reply-To-All.
HL Eadric Anstapa
eadric at scabrewer.com

Leofwine of Summersaeton
Wayne Law
Arrive Monday
Tent 10 x 10

Eric Grayfox
Martin Miles
Arrive Monday
Tent 12 x 9

Duncan de Piksle
Rex Pixley
Arrive Monday
Tent 10 x 10 

Brian MacCael 
Brian Stanley
Arrive Monday
Tent   x

Arrive Monday
Tent     ?

Patrick of Kilkenny
Patrick Breslin
Arrive Wednesday
Tent  -- likely with Eadric or ?

Carluccio di Bia
Chad Sweeten
Arrive Monday
Tent  12 x  9

Mea Passavanti
Jennifer Forsyth
Arrive Monday
Tent    x

Jean Paul de Calmont
Paul Thorne
Early On
Tent  x 12 x 15

Maria Thorne
Marguerite Du Bois
Early On
Tent  with Jean Paul

Iaen Mor
John Moore
Early on
Tent 12 x 10

Eadric Anstapa
Scott Mills
Early On
Tent 16 x 16

In service 
Donnchad de Piksle
"Walk softly, but carry a big stick!"
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