[Gatesedge] Meeting Minutes

Natasha Storfer natashastorfer at yahoo.com
Wed May 11 17:47:40 PDT 2005

To the honorable populace of Gate's Edge,

Thank you so much for a wonderful meeting!  The
meeting minutes are below.  It you wish them in
Microsoft Word format, please email me.  

Thank you!
Natalia Auvert, SeneschalMeeting Minutes May 2005
Gate’s Edge

1.New Seneschal-Lady Natalia

2.Newcomer-Wendy-Make her feel welcome when you see

3.A Party will be held for Steven and Stacy on the
weekend of July 17th at Maria’s

4.Queen’s Champion is the last weekend of July. 
Baron William is doing a tavern and needs servers.  We
will be using the lake-side area of the Camp Camwood

5.We need at least one large Fighter Practice a
month-to be treated as a demo.

6.Seneschal-Lady Fiametta is Natalia’s deputy
and doing a great job!

7.A&S-Please send in reports of ALL A&S activity, from
canceled guilds to non-guild A&S activity.

8.Chatelaine-We have a trailer and racks.  The next
step in the process is to install the racks and fill
the trailer.  Cindy and Eadric will pay Annes a visit
to sort out the Shire’s inventory there. 
Talmon, Carluttio, and Ian-in addition to Cindy and
Eadric-have access to the trailer if access is needed.
 A small truck can haul the trailer.  It is 4-pin and
has a 2” ball.

9.Herald-Contact Pixley if you need to submit anything
or need information.

10.Historian- Annes has purchased a personal
copier/fax/scanner/printer and will be using it to
assist  with transferring the Shire’s history to
archival disks.

11.Hospitaler-Huge Demo opportunity at the Museum of
Natural Science. Gate’s Edge is
“hosting” the first and second weekends in
June as well as the last weekend in August.  There
will be a meeting of the committee this Thursday. 
Please contact Maria if you wish to attend.  Each
weekend is treated as an event, so we need the
coordinators an event would need i.e. Gate, Ciurgion,
Marshall etc.  Please let Maria know if you are able
to participate and on what days and in what capacity. 
Fighting will take place in a 12X12ft area; there will
be NO comped tickets. However, they are planning on
having parking passes.  Maria will send out
information as she receives it.

12.Knight Marshal-Armoring will be canceled for the
three upcoming weeks.

13.Basket for Coronation-if you wish to donate to the
Gate’s Edge gift basket for the next crown, let
the seneschal know.  Their majesties enjoy giving out

14.There will be a vote at the next officers’
meeting to determine if we want to keep the same
schedule for the meetings.  If you cannot attend,
please email the seneschal your proxy vote.  Only
votes of officers will be counted, however, any may
attend the meeting.

15.Please let me know if anything needs to be added to
these minutes.

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