[Gatesedge] June archery practice/pot luck dinner

Talmon Parker tt_ann at hotmail.com
Mon May 16 13:20:49 PDT 2005

Attn: all archers that shoot with us'n on our regular try to hit it 
  Due to Lord Eadrics being out of the country {U.S.ofA.}On the date of our 
published Embarassment date. Lord Iaen and myself decided that it would 
probably be best if we changed the date to something else.. After talking to 
Iaen we hopefuly Changed it to June 11.2005.to start at 11 am Sca time of 

                    What do all of you think,Will it work for you?

                                                              Talmon, Who 
ain't shot in a long time.

              DER BARON

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