[Gatesedge] Please read...I need your help.

Annes hlannes at ev1.net
Sun Oct 30 08:53:03 PST 2005

Well, I've made some more changes. Arcus Eadric sent me an attachment with the Shire's Arms so I've replaced that funky looking helm picture with the one of the Shire's arms. 

I've also made a page of our champions. Everybody check it to make sure I spelled everybody's name correctly.

My next goal is to give a roll of our chronicler's . M'lady Rachel no Ansteorra is present chronicler. HL Caitlin nan Cnoc Airgead was the last chronicler. I could dig out the OTE archives I suppose but asking people to dust off their memories would be more fun. I think Lady Sabine DuBois was before Cailin. But who before Sabine and before her? Anybody want to try to list them for me? Maybe Rachael can do that for me.

You can see the Shire history site here: http://gehistorian.tripod.com/


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