[Gatesedge] Gate's Edge Scribal Meeting

Sabine sabine_6978 at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 24 14:58:12 PDT 2006

Unto the Populace of Gate's Edge,

We would like to invite everyone to come to our Gate's
Edge Scribal Meeting.  We will be meeting to paint our
wonderful Kingdom charters.

We will also be looking for ideas for original scrolls
for the upcoming Gate's Edge event.  We will be
creating the scrolls for the Bella Luce, Champion
scrolls, and we also have the lovely Croaky Throats
for those brave first time Bards!  

Please come out and be part of the creative process. 
You may see something so beautiful that the Muse will
take you away, and the need to create will be

If not you can at least come and enjoy lovely
conversation and look at pretty pictures.  :0)

Hope to see you there.

Lady Sabine Dubois

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